Baby Bottle
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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a baby bottle be washed after every feeding with hot soapy water and allowed to dry thoroughly before it is used again. That’s because bacteria can thrive in water or leftover milk.
While your mother or grandmother may have used boiling water to sterilize baby bottles, doctors say there is no longer a need to do this. They now say that if your water is safe enough to drink, it’s safe enough to use for cleaning. You can wash the bottle by hand or in a dishwasher as long as it’s dishwasher safe.
You should also wash your hands before feeding a baby with a bottle and make sure the bottles are free of the estrogen-like chemical BPA.
Baby bottles have changed dramatically over the years. You’d never seen a bottle like this one anymore. It earned the nickname “The Murder Bottle” because it originally had a long rubber tube that was difficult to clean and collected potentially deadly bacteria.
Some bottles were made of tin or other metals. And before rubber nipples became common in the early 1900’s, nipples that were attached to a submarine bottle, like this one, were made of pieces of cloth, wood, or even a pickled cow’s nipple.
So bottles are a lot safer these days, right Zeke? Exactly.
Source: nytimes

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