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Iron Strength Workout

My name is Dr. Jordan Metzl. I’m a sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery. We’re in Central Park having just done my Iron Strength Workout.
As a doctor, I really believe that exercise is the best medicine and I want everybody to be able to take that medicine all the time.
The first time I did it I thought, “I wonder if anybody’s going to come.” I just emailed some of my patients. We had about 25 people. I’ve now built the listserv for this class of about 6,000 people.
This kind of workout is great about twice a week and the great thing about it is it’s free. You don’t need any equipment and it’s so effective. I think bodyweight strengthening and what’s called functional strength training is the way to go.
Today we did a combination of, first of all, some skipping up a hill.
Now skipping is a great example of what’s called a plyometric, so, the muscles basically rapidly elongating and contracting. So even though skipping is a lot of fun, it’s a great way to start strengthening some of those running muscles.
These kinds of workouts, over time, push your lactate threshold meaning that your fatigue level gets further and further out the more you do this kind of intense training.
Then I did a series of exercises designed to strengthen their muscles.
And so I started with what we call plyometric jump squats and those are, like, the best exercise you can do. They’re awesome. You basically squat all the way down and then you jump up in the air and squat all the way back down.
Then I had people get on the ground and I did a series of rotation planks with a pushup and then legs-down is when you bring your legs all the way up and then straight down-again a great core strengthener. And then some sit-ups and the idea is strengthening the whole kinetic chain- all the muscles we started with – the legs, the glutes, then we went to the core and the upper body.
Following that we did my favorite exercise, which is called the burpee. It was designed in the 1930’s to give maximum strength and maximum effort. And then we finished with an isometric exercise called a plank, and that that’s when you hold yourself in one position to strengthen all the muscles around the core.
And that’s the thing I love about this class is that it basically brings people together from all different ages and abilities and it’s great because, as a group, you can work so much harder than you can individually.
Source: nytimes

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