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Ebola and the Problem of Panic

In West Africa: a dangerous new chapter in the fight against Ebola. The virus is gripping a slum in Monrovia, Liberia. And the number at risk is escalating.
DR. JOANNE LIU: What we’re facing now is something completely new.
The problem of panic and the challenges doctors and patients face in similar settings, now on the New York Times Minute.
In the West Point section of Monrovia, where there is deep distrust of the government rooted in Liberia’s 14 year-long civil war, officials cordoned off the entire slum. It was a measure taken to control the epidemic but it set off panic.
DR. JOANNE LIU: The reality, is what we need to do now is to increase the health promotion and the understanding about ‘what is Ebola?’
But that will not be easy. The local healthcare system is in shambles.
DR. JOANNE LIU: Right now, most of the healthcare facilities are being closed in Monrovia. Patients are don’t have access to basic healthcare. Recent six pregnant women not being able to deliver over the last week and lost their babies.
In rural areas where Ebola started, it took months for the virus to infect hundreds. Now that it has reached the city slums.
The chain of transmission will be faster and accelerated. Trying to escape, crowds have clashed with police who fought back; even shooting some. Those who did get away, some by water, if they are contagious could spread the virus to even more areas.
*Note: Người nói trong video không phải người bản địa, nên có một số lỗi ngữ pháp.
Source: nytimes

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