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A Dancer’s Workout

Ballet is an art form but it is also incredibly athletic. The thing about sports is you can push yourself to your limits but you can grunt; you can make ugly faces. We have to go out there and do the same amount of physical activity but you also have to mask it with ease and poise.

We come offstage after an entrance and some people – I collapse to the floor just because I don’t want to hold my body up any longer. That’s our job, we have to…we try to make what we do look easy.

Every morning I start off with this ball and this one’s called an over ball. Especially for guys in ballet, your lower back takes a lot of abuse whether your leg’s up at 90 degrees or you’re jumping but especially when you’re lifting a girl.

She has to go right above your head because you don’t have the strength to go straight above. So no matter how much you’re holding your stomach, you are going to go back with her.

 I’ll pretend I’m picking up the girl. I put her up and then I take her down. I tend to be one of the more, maybe, athletic movers so I really have to make sure I stretch out my thighs, stretch out my hamstrings, and my calves so that I can still straighten my legs and look streamline.

This is…looks like a torture device but you see it at the gym. You see different kinds of Styrofoam rollers. I like the divots because it’s like a deep tissue.  If you’re having, like, back problems, sometimes it can originate in your feet.  If something’s bad down there then you’re going to end up funky on the top.

We work from 10:30 to 10:30. We’re in such great shape that at this point it’s about maintaining and getting yourself realigned and back to some sort of center.

The Nutcracker is our, almost like six week run. Every holiday season my role is the Cavalier. So I present the Sugarplum fairy to the audience and I dance with her and it’s our presentation to Marie and the prince.

Our lives have followed the same track, we both got into the company.  We both got promoted to principal at the same time, in the same studio and it’s just really cool to get to share your life with someone you love.

It’s really nice to get to share, you know, the chemistry that we have off, on stage.   I think it makes it much more relatable for the audience.  I feel like they can really see the connection between us.

I generally love every performance that happens regardless if I mess up horribly or not. What we do is so hard that if I didn’t enjoy it every time, I wouldn’t, um…I wouldn’t be doing it.
Source: nytimes

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