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Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Workout

I think in many ways American food is better than it’s ever been because what it means to be American, these days, could be all over the world.
My name is Jeff Marcus Samuelsson. You’re in Harlem, specifically my restaurant, Red Rooster. This food still has to be delicious and has to bring family together and has to tell the story of who we are, where we’re going and why we are here. As a chef, you gain weight all the time so I need that exercise.
I live in front of a park. It was very important for me to be around a park because that’s when I can do all my activities – also a way for me to interact with my neighbors. Certain things you just have to prioritize. I always make sure that I do sit-ups, push-ups more than anything, it’s for my mind.
I do a lot of exercising moves I was taught as a ten year old playing soccer because as a chef, I mean, your body breaks down. Back exercise is important, move it with your knees. You just got to stay strong.
Working out is healthy on all the different levels we should be healthy, for me. It’s not a ‘healthy’ in terms of, “Oh, I just lost some pounds,” it’s larger than that. It’s an approach. It’s a journey that you’re on for the rest of your life.
When I run that’s really when I think about recipes.
Sometimes healthy cooking really gets a bad rep. I wanted a recipe that’s easy, it’s healthy, so I did a little bit of quinoa with cauliflower and broccoli, coconut milk and some toasted coconuts. It’s very simple because it’s a rice dish, at heart. You tweak it just a little bit and yet, it’s a new dish. It’s crunchy, it’s delicious and healthy.
Source: nytimes

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