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Motorola xoom

Hi, I’m David Pogue, and do you know what I love about this job as a tech critique? It’s getting a front row seat to innovation, fresh thinking, new directions. Like last year, Apple came up with this: a touch screen tablet called the iPad. Right?  A whole new category! And now there’s this: the Motorola Xoom.

Obviously, you can see it goes in a completely new direction, I mean, it’s not silver on the back. It runs a totally different operating system too. It runs Android 3.0 from Google. Instead of unlocking the screen like that, you unlock it like that. See, totally different. And look at this, the iPad has eleven screens where you can park the icons for your apps, on Android 3.0 there’s five screens. Five instead of 11, see? Different!

The iPad has this eBook reading program, look at this cool page turning animation, isn’t that neat?  Well, in Android 3.0, Google added an eBook reader too. But look at the difference, here the page turns bulge from the middle instead of the corner. Now that’s refreshing.

Now you might think that the new Android’s email program has been redesigned to look exactly like the iPad’s email program but look more closely, the highlighting color on the Android is light blue and on the iPad it’s dark blue. Totally different design approach!

Okay, I’m being a little “snarkastic”, a little. There really are some fresh new ideas in Android 3.0. For example, I like how you switch among recently opened apps, this new way to copy and paste, and how you can drag emails into folders. And the Xoom does have some hardware that the original iPad doesn’t have too. Like stereo speakers and front and back cameras. The one on the back actually records high definition video.

 The question is: is that worth eight hundred dollars? That’s two hundred dollars more than the iPad. And also remember there are sixty thousand apps just for the iPad not even counting all the phone apps, only a tiny fraction of that for Android tablets, although that’ll change.

Look, I kid, because I love. The Xoom is super deluxe and very nice and so is Android 3.0. I’m just saying, in the next couple of months there’s going to be new tablets from Apple, HP, and Blackberry. It’s probably worth sitting back to see what they offer. You know, to see what fresh, new ideas they might have in store.

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