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Rhianna, you looked really in your element filming this role. Did you have as much fun as you looked like you were having?

R: I had a lot of fun, especially with the action scenes, I got to play, I got to really just run around and act like a kid and shoot weapons and jump in the ocean. That was all fun for me.

Now tell me a little bit about your character Raikes, a real tough girl.

R: My character Raikes is super tough she’s fearless, she’s a fighter, she’s one of the guys and she kicks major ass in this movie.

Film: Raikes get your ass to CIC now!

And what was it like using these huge weapons, I mean did it really get your adrenaline going?

R: that was the best part, you would never get these opportunities if you’re not shooting a movie. And the firepower was the same, the weapons were the same weight and I felt tough.

Tell me why you chose this particular role for your feature film debut.

R: It was the type of role I was into, a badass chic. I loved the action part of it, working with a director like Peter Berg, when someone’s that passionate about something you should trust them, you feel safe.

Pete Berg told me that there were sometimes sharks in water around you when you were shooting, was that true, did you see that?

R: I’m loving how their telling you this. They all told me this when it was too late.

I would assume that there were of course we are in Hawaii there are shark attacks. Well of course when we pulled out into the middle of the ocean and it’s pitch dark you can’t see through, there’s something under there you just don’t know what. But there were a lot of people around. I think I felt a little more comfortable because there was more food for the sharks before it got to me.

Haha, you felt safe, thanks. .Now tell me, can we expect to see more of you on the big screen after this experience?

R: I really want to do more films, I had fun. Do you have a dream role that you would love to play? R: Angelina Jolie’s lover, yeah. I can see you in that role.
R: I can see me in that role too, I see me in that role a little too often.

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