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Mobile Marketing – hitting a moving target

I think that what makes mobile marketing; primarily most engaging is that it is so personal. That it is that one device that you have that is always around and with you.

Ivan Braiker is the CEO of Hipcricket an ad agency that produces mobile marketing campaigns like this one at Macy’s. Customers are able to get fashion advice when they scan a specialized barcode called a QR code. You take a picture of it then you’re going to get a video on your phone about that product from the designer himself.

QR codes that link buyers to product information are just one of the many ways that marketers are using mobile devices to win over consumers. Whether it’s SMS which is text messaging, it could be apps, it could be the mobile web itself, all these modalities are working together today.

Job once for companies is creating an easy to use mobile website designed specifically for wireless devices. It needs to be very concise, very precise and being able to offer you really why you’re going to that site, what are you really after? This is the KFC mobile website. One of the options there is printable coupon. So now I can go and I can click on that and I’ll be able to have a coupon for KFC.

Companies can also attract customers by creating mobile apps. This Ralph Lauren app lets you design your own rugby shirt. And with this Chipotle Mexican Grill app you can order your lunch, pay for it, and then pick it up without ever having to stand in line.

One of the applications of apps is that they provide some real strong consumer benefits that make their life easier. Greg Stuart is the CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association. He says, by building applications that are useful, businesses can create customer’s loyalty.

Stuart: For example with CHASE bank I can actually now deposit a check via my mobile phone. Can’t find a sales rep? Best Buy’s app helps you pull up product information with your smart phone.

You can scan a code, look up that product then online and then really understand everything you have to know about it, even maybe find out that there was a deal.

Retailers can also partner up with companies to distribute coupons through there apps. Some like Dealmap can use your smart phones GPS capability to show you offers that are near you.

And you have an opportunity to say geez, hit their mapping function and it will actually list for you every deal opportunity nearby.

Experts say that ability to deliver timely information to a device that combines several different technologies is why mobile may well be the future of marketing.

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