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Leap motion

Imagine controlling your computer with a wag of your finger, leap motion is making it happen. The goal is to fundamentally transform how people interact with computers.

Here you’re seeing my fingertip, and this is sort of the direction of my finger, so here’s the path its tracing out. And of course everything’s in full 3D. And so you can see we’re tracking that too. And we’re not just tracking the fingertips we’re also tracking the entire hand, so here’s my entire hand.

You can see very small motions of my fingertips are very easy to pick up. And of course you can do more than one hand. We can do other objects, there’s my arm or here’s my chop stick right here.

Subtle motions are immediate occurring on the screen and so there’s no distance between thought and response.

 This is social networking data so you see lots of little connections between the people and the little triangles and sort of what’s going on here. Generally stuff like this would be very complicated to visualize and very difficult to interact with and here we’re sort of interacting with it like it was a physical thing. Maps just got a lot more interesting.

We have way more accident, it’s probably necessary to pinch to zoom. You get really good responses from touch like feeling. I can zoom in, I can go left to right but also but I can also of course do all of these things simultaneously. In San Francisco I’m Daniel Terdiman for CNet news.

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