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Apple’s Tim Cook

Our tendency is to do very few things and if something creeps in and isn’t a big success we get it out of the way and move on and put our energies on something else.

Apple’s TV set-op box hasn’t seen the monster success of the iPhone and the iPad but Apple CEO Tim Cook all but confirmed he’s hoping the TV set will be Apple’s next big thing.

We’re going to keep pulling this string and see where it takes us. I think most people, maybe not all but many people would say this is an area in their life they’re not really pleased with.

He was brutally honest about Apple’s never ending patent wars with Samsung, Motorola, HTC and more, even calling them a pain in the ‘you know what’. There is some of this that is maddening, that is a waste, it’s a time suck, however, does it stop innovation? It’s not going to stop us.

He also addressed another potential rival, Facebook. We want to provide customers simple, elegant ways to do things they want to do and Facebook has millions, hundreds of millions of customers and so anybody with an iPhone or iPad, we want them to have the best experience with Facebook on those platforms.

So does that mean Facebook doesn’t have to come out with a long reported Facebook phone to compete? The social network isn’t integrated into the iPhone while Twitter is. Steve Jobs once expressed deep admiration for Mark Zuckerberg and Cook agreed. I think the relationship is very solid. We have great respect for them; I think we can do more with them. And so you know, just stay tuned on this one.

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