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Andrew Jenks

Jenks: Who are these photos of? Is that John McEnroe? Waitress: I’m not sure! Jenks: Do you guys have oatmeal? Waitress: Yes! Jenks: Can I get an oatmeal please? Jenks: This is a serious powerful breakfast right here.

Unidentified Woman: Andrew Jenks is only 27, but he has been a success in the documentary world since he shot his first full-length film at age 19.

Unidentified Woman: It doesn’t take much to make somebody feel good.

Unidentified Woman: For the past four years, Jenks has been working with MTV on the documentary series World of Jenks. We recently caught up over breakfast.

Interviewer: So this is your second season, right? Jenks: Yeah, so the show follows me living with three different people from all walks of life. You know, one young woman has cancer, another young man has autism.

Jenks: Who’s the man? Unidentified Man: Me. Jenks: Who? Unidentified Man: Me! Jenks: Who’s the man? Unidentified Man: Me! Jenks: You’re the man! Jenks: Here we go here we go!

Jenks: And another young man lives in Oakland and is dealing with gang violence and his brother and best friend had been killed.

Jenks: You feel like America knows about this? Unidentified Man: I feel like they do but I feel like they don’t care.

Interviewer: And last season I was watching one of the clips that I saw was of you and Mayno, and that was pretty intense.

Mayno: You know what it takes to be me? You know what it takes to be me? Jenks: No, I do not. Absolutely not.

Interviewer: How real is it, what we’re really seeing? Jenks: For our show, we kind of pride ourselves on being, you know, a documentary series, which I think a lot of people roll their eyes at. They just automatically assume that a lot of its produced or set up. And I come from a documentary background, where I made two docs before this experience.

Jenks: This isn’t about me or about this foreign guy who is managing in Japan. Unidentified Woman: You have no idea! Unidentified Man: What happened? Unidentified Woman: I went to get my birth control pills.

Jenks: It’s strange for me that way because I’m always having to be like yeah yeah it’s real I swear it really happened! Interviewer: Thank you.

Jenks: Thank you, sir. Interviewer: So what I’m dying to ask you is about the Kardashians. I hear you’re not a big fan. Jenks: No, I’m not! Interviewer: Tell me about that. Jenks: Oh, I think…

Unidentified Woman: Well, I’m also going through a phase of trying to find you a boyfriend. How about that Gerard Butler? Unidentified Woman: How about Barf.

Jenks: Oh no, I’ll tell you a quick story actually. I was at a bar in New York City like a year or two ago, and someone introduced me. You know, it was like reality TV, you know, power intro here. So I go up and I meet one of the Kardashians “hi my name is Andrew” and the first question that she asked was “So, what do you get?” and I was like “What do I get? I don’t know, normally like a vodka soda or a beer I don’t really know what you mean…” and she said, “ratings-wise.”

Jenks: If you think about it, reality TV is very much in its early stages, and so obviously, the lowest common denominator will kind of infiltrate and work best early on. And then the idea being that hopefully we all mature as audiences and as viewers and as executives and producers and networks to where we realize! Oh wait, We can do more with this genre than just kind of the typical chucking, you know, stuff at each other and yelling and that sort of thing.

Interviewer: Awesome, let’s eat! Jenks: Let’s eat!


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