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Man after Surgery: ‘You’re my wife?’

Jean Moos: He seemed to be waking up after a hernia operation, eating a cracker, when his eyes focused on the woman beside his bed.

Jason: “Did the doctor send you? Man you are eye candy.”

Jean Moos: The prettiest woman he’s ever seen, he said.

Jason’s wife: “My name’s Candice. I’m your wife.” Jason: “My wife? Holy s...”.

Jean Moos: The YouTube video entitled Seeing her for the first time again has women gushing. ‘That time when you laugh and cry in your cube at the same time watching a video at lunch.’

Jason: “Did we have children yet?” Jason’s wife: “Not yet.” Jason: “Man, have we kissed yet?”

Jean Moos: Even female co-hosts were smitten over how smitten Jason Mortensen was. Jason: “Whatever he’s on: every man should be on!”.

Jean Moos: Some skeptics cried “FAKE!” When we got hold of the love-struck husband on the phone - and he assured us it was all true - he gave us the name and number of his doctor to verify the surgery.

Jean Moos: American Fork Hospital in Utah confirmed that Dr. Paul Robinson performed surgery on Jason back on August 21st. Jason says his wife, Candice, has been by his side through five surgeries in the six years they’ve been married. But who’s counting?

Jason: “How long have we been married?”. Jason’s wife: “A long time.” Jason: “Oh my God, I hit the jackpot.”

Jean Moos: Not since the YouTube video David after the dentist surfaced – David: “Is this real life?”

David’s dad: “Yes, this is real life.” Jean Moos: -has a sedated person- -awakened such interest on the web.

Jason: “Whoa, your teeth are perfect.”

Jean Moos: Jason told me on the phone that he was a little reluctant to post the video because, for one thing, he didn’t like that he swore. Jason: “Holy s....”.

Jean Moos: Something he doesn’t usually do: blame it on the anesthesia. Might as well blame this on it, too: Jason: “Turn around…” Jason’s wife: “Haha, no!”

Jean Moos: Responded one poster: ‘’Turn around.’ Men are all the same, even when they’re all doped up. Lol!’ Not many guys get to experience love at first sight twice. Jean Moos: Jean Moos, CNN – New York.

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