Janet Dickenson

I like to sit down, put my feet up and enjoy a big vat of popcorn, watching football but the key to family and of keeping my kids together is the kitchen.

I love to cook up big spaghetti dinners on Sundays. I can cook right here, and look a beautiful dishwasher that works. And most important I get a view of the backyard and I get the view of the Santa Monica mountain, which for me makes me real happy.

But I’d like to have an open floor plan. I’d like to have ceiling space because I think the ceiling is too low for me, I wear a lot of high-heels when I cook.

Heels are something that I wear morning, noon and night. I like to even wear them to bed. This is a factor in this kitchen that I love, easy access to the doggies.

Chester! These are my dogs, that’s Loyd, Chester, and Bella. This is what I do, I come outside because I have to have their affection. They’ll be back.

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