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A Time to Fight

Everybody has a possible chance of losing everything. It can either make you or break you and I refuse to let it break me.

You are working hard everyday, until you find that one day your job will no longer exist but you still have all these bills. And you thought the sense that you have to kind of start over but you just don’t know how you’re going to do it.

Back in September of 2011, as I was getting ready for church…

She looked out of the window, and our neighbor across the street was pointing at the  house.

And so I go to the door and there was actually a foreclosure notice. My American dream had actually become a nightmare, in a sense.

This is the time where you have to fight back; you can’t just let people take everything from you.

I ended up filing a chapter 13.

Although it wasn’t something that I wanted to do, I did it because it was my last resort. And I put all of my unemployment money towards my mortgage payments.

If I should come up short, I would borrow it.

And it became to be so overwhelming because I had to do so much, and it’s all about thinking and thinking about how, how much you wanted something, and in a blink of an eye it can actually just be taken away from you.

When she thought she was about ready to give up, we had to lift her up and tell her you don’t let go. You can bend but you don’t break.

Once I started working, everything else just started to fall into place. I was able to get a loan pre-approval modification at a low interest rate.

That would also decrease my mortgage payment per month. And I’m still fighting to keep what I have accomplished in my life and keep in this house. I wouldn’t call myself a victim of the recession, I feel like someone who has survived.


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