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First Film Footage of Remote Amazon Rainforest Tribe

Meirelles needs evidence. The fight to protect these people depends on proving and publicizing their existence.

One image of them has more impact than a thousand reports. Seeing is believing.

This is the very first aerial footage of an uncontacted community.

It’s incredible…these people exist in the 21st century

Very little is known about their way of life, or even their language, and Meirelles would rather it stays that way.

He's dedicated 40 years to protecting isolated tribes from the outside world. But this isn't as simple as just leaving them alone.

Their future doesn’t depend on them. It depends on us … our conscience. If illegal loggers contact these people, they won’t shoot images, they’ll shoot guns.

Using a stabilized zoom lens, it was possible to film from a kilometer away, minimizing disturbance. Meirelles believes the more people are aware these tribes are here, the more effective the fight to preserve their way of life.

It’s important for humanity these people exist. They remind us it’s possible to live in different way. They are the last people on the planet.


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