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Bike Thief

In 2005 my brother Van and I made a film that showed it was too easy to steal a bike in New York City. Seven years later, I tried another experiment to see how the climate in New York City has changed.

So, just to be clear, this is my bike I’m stealing. I’m just going to look around here like a criminal.

This is hard to get through. This thing is impossible to get through. Now, let’s see if anybody stops me. I feel like Batman is going to come flying off a rooftop and tackle me but unfortunately nobody’s paying attention.

So for this second one, the second test, we’re going to try a little bit more of an audacious location here in front of the ninth precinct. And I’m going to use every criminal’s favorite tool, the crow bar. I don’t know how you steal a bike with a crow bar but I don’t wanna break my bike.

Ah, that’s easy. This is the first movie where I actually wish the cops would bust me. For this next experiment, my friend Malik is gonna steal the bicycle. Malik: And I’m black.

I figured we’d come to a more crowded area. And I’m going to be using a power tool, which should definitely bring a lot more attention. I’ve got my hood up, sunglasses on, trying to look as criminal as possible.

After 9 minutes and countless people walking by. Can you drop that weapon? I explained myself. The police were patients, considering.

So let me ask you, have you ever caught someone stealing a bike before. Never in your ten years of being a cop? None of the five officers had ever caught a bike thief before.

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