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Taking the waste out of waste water

The principle of contagion is that once in contact, always in contact. In the case of recycled water, the image of its origin is just too clear. All water comes from sewage but the point is you don’t think about it when you turn your tap.

Part of the problem is getting recycled water into people. Bottled water has a positive image, safety and purity.  Ironically people might be willing to pay for recycled water but not to drink it from the tap. What a crazy idea that is but it might be true.

So Paul, we’ve been tasked with creating a marketing campaign to help introduce the idea of reclaimed water to people. If someone finds something disgusting it is possible for them to change their mind on something like that.

Yes we all do that. People go into public toilets and they survive. Everyone’s managing.

So we narrowed it down to six names that we thought were successful. We started with “porcelain springs: water from the most peaceful place on earth”, this bottle contain purified sewage water, then you get it.

Future water. The choice you have to make it to drink the solution or ignore the problem. Porcelain Springs? This bottle contains purified sewage water. Sewage water? Yuck This better be okay.

The more you see that something is widely done, the more acceptable it becomes. Tastes good. Tastes great. Purified sewage water is actually really good.

Even though the majority of people might accept it, some people might not. There is no chance that I’m going to drink sewage water whatsoever. To be completely honest the whole issue just doesn’t seem like on that’s that important to me right now. When they drew that map from outer space, there’s a lot of water.

We know that people in general have very short horizons. People want something now, and they’re not worried about a water shortage that might occur in five years. People respond to catastrophes. Now the water situation in some parts of the world is close to an emergency.

And it’s that pressure that is eventually going to get this to happen. People will get used to recycled water. There’s no doubt that they will. It’s gonna save them money and make their world nicer but the question is: how do we get to that point? I don’t know.

Now, this is a brand new bed pan. It’s never been used before, it just came out of the box. And I’m going to pour some apple juice into this bed pan. Anyone want some?

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