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America’s Future - Part 2

Do you think sometimes, A, I’ve got to get more involved in politics, I’ve got to get more involved in the public policy because all these good things we’re doing won’t scale. Or are you and I just sometimes maybe we’re just exaggerating?

It was always like this. Is there something worse now in terms of the nature of politics, the nature of media, the way public issues are discussed… are we in a worse place now? Is that what’s slowing us down?

I think the big thing that’s missing is the technocratic understanding of the facts and where things are working and where they’re not working. And I do think when things were less partisan there were people in the congress who would sort of go and say “okay my committee is where I’m going to spend my time. I’m going to get to know transportation or housing and…

They became real experts They were competent and they weren’t put to some acid test of party loyalty. They really were there and experts would come into their committee and they would do various things and so it was a somewhat more technocratic government.

Now as you get this polarization because government is falling short, … they get very simplistic views of you know, governments shouldn’t be in this at all yes government should be in it massively. As opposed to well, give me how much you want government to be in and here’s the best way to spend this money. The mathematics of the taxpayers saying cut my taxes but nothing that I know about.

You have one party hears half of the message and the other party hears the other half of that message. So that’s not mathematical. You mentioned in your book that used to be us. The idea of a third party candidate sort of coming into the debates and saying it’s all nice to hear what you two guys say but what you said doesn’t add up. Let me tell you voters how even if you cut spending a lot, that you have to raise taxes and unfortunately you can only get some portion of it from the very richest.

You’re going to have to raise taxes a bit more broadly than that and cut spending. So you know, I’m bringing you bad news, it’s called reality.

That this guy over here is only telling you part of the reality and this guy over here is only telling you part of the reality. Those guys would then…the debate would improve, to have that sort of numeric person in the debate.

And you know, the newspapers would be saying yes he is mathematically correct and then the public’s going what, wow? Okay this is tough, there is no easy way to make the ends meet but over time we’ll have to do that. Because any place you can get technocratic logic…

Into the discussion ..Into the discussion and how we do that moving forward for healthcare, energy, education, I don’t know but I think democracy despite all this mess, somehow, it will find a way. I hope, I hope it will.

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