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A Day in the Near Future

I’m Carla and this is a day in the near future. Another Monday morning, and my lamp has just gone from dim to bright. I try to turn over, but it rotates to follow me. I stumble into the bathroom. I brush one side for a while. The toothbrush vibrates so I know it’s time to switch to the other side. Now I’m really awake. The bathroom mirror says “nice job on your weight, but your heart rate is a little higher than yesterday.”

As I head to work, my bike confirms my appointment.  On our way to Ted’s office? Yes! When it’s time to turn, my handlebar vibrates and my jacket lights up to signal a left turn. At the meeting, I draw some sketches with my memory pen. When we’re done, it emails my notes to my colleagues.

Back at home, the door recognizes me. The lights turn on, the stereo starts playing, and my 3D printer whistles to let me know the dog toy I downloaded earlier for Rue is ready.

Now it’s time for dinner. My countertop sous chef checks my favorite recipes and wirelessly queries the fridge. “We have ingredients to make roasted salmon or pumpkin risotto.” Let’s do the salmon, I say. After dinner, my partner Mike and I bring our dishes to the sink. I say, okay, start cleaning. And the faucet squirts soap and water at the dishes while we head off to relax with our favorite movie: Back to the Future.


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