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Rashid Ferrod Davis, Founding Principal, P-Tech: “What we’re doing is we’re building off of desk practices. What we’re…what we’re saying is that, um, we’re going to make sure that – for a STEM purpose, for us STEM-early college schools – we’re going to take students who are not academically screened and prepare them to have a middle-income lifestyle opportunity.”
Sabiha Buihyan, Student, 10th grade: “The world is becoming…all…it’s all about education.So if you don’t have education, you can’t really get a job. You’re just going to get, like a…um, minimum wage job, which I don’t want.
Nikolas Rassoules, Student, 10th grade: “I’ve always loved technology. Technology is me. I build computers. I’m going to start my own company. I love technology.
Rashid Ferrod Davis, Founding Principal, P-Tech: “We are an extended day school, as well as a year-round model to be able to meet students where they are … to give the opportunity to really sharpen their skills.”
Indica Jones, Student, 11th grade: “You always have the opportunity of coming after school or even during the day they’ll try to find free periods when they’re not working and you’re not working at the time and you can get that help.”
Rashid Ferrod Davis, Founding Principal, P-Tech: “They have two specific degrees: either computer information systems or electro-mechanical engineering technology. Whether you want to go into law, education or even private sector, technology is not going away and so this particular two-year degree can be a spring board for everything.”
Indica Jones, Student, 11th grade: “I like, the most, that the associate’s degree is free! It’s free money. Who doesn’t want free money?”
Frantz Carty, Math teacher: A large majority of students… they want to work in technology. They want to work in computer science but they’re still figuring out specifically what they would love to do most. . So, you know, we try our best to give them as much exposure as possible to…to the real world
Rashid Ferrod Davis, Founding Principal, P-Tech: “Every student has an IBM Mentor, so they have that connection to industry. So they’re…the expectation or the access is…is provided so that way every child could say ‘oh, well I know someone in industry’ so we can take that off the table of something that’s missing in terms of closing the gap.”
Rashid Ferrod Davis, Founding Principal, P-Tech: “I have some students who are special education students who are sitting in college level classes. And to have the conversations with them and their families and to see what that has done for their spirit. Oh, that’s one of the greatest accomplishments, I think.
Source: nytimes

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