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Coconut Water

Coconut water is not only a 400 million dollar global food craze. In terms of marketing it also appears to have nine lives.
This clear liquid drawn from green, young coconuts started selling in the United States a decade ago as a superfood with the power to fight viruses, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and more until nutritionists shot those claims down.
Then it was billed as better-than-sports-drinks for rehydration until a 2011 class action lawsuit nipped that claim.
Now, coconut water is being sold as a somewhat more healthful type of water with a growing host of added flavors to keep buyers excited.
So what’s in this packaged drink? Generally coconut water has much less sugar than other fruit juices and a fair amount of nutrients including magnesium and potassium but so does a banana with a glass of water – and without coconut water’s price tag of $1.99 and up for eleven ounces.
And should coconut water run through all nine of its lives, competitors are ready to swoop in. The very latest in liquid nature includes bottled water from maple tree sap.
Source: nytimes

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