Bull Run
MC: Welcome to the great bull run! Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?
Rob Dickens: People want the danger, that’s why they come out to the event so you got to give them what they want. Now sure, you’re not definitely going to die. I mean if it was “you’re definitely going to die” it would be an execution and not a running of the bulls event.
Clint Madison: The organizers contacted us and they wanted us to provide the bulls. We didn’t think they was [sic] crazy we just…kind of hard to believe, you know, at first.
Unidentified man: Alright, send ‘em.
Clint Madison: It’s just one thing to be in danger in circumstances you can’t help, but here you’re putting yourself in a situation. I’m over that. I have to run from them enough when I get home. Just…the handling of them every day.
MC: Here we are! The courageous few! Crowd: Here we are! The courageous few! MC: To test ourselves and honor the bulls!
Fredy Jimenez: It’s totally uncontrolled.You cannot prepare for what that bull’s going to do, what the crowd’s going to do…what you might do, in a split second!
MC: 3…2…1 Here comes the bulls!
Mike Robles: Like the way I justify it now, like, yeah I did it in Georgia is… it’s still a dangerous animal and it’s still running behind you full speed. So it doesn’t matter; the bull doesn’t really care if you’re in Spain or if you’re in Georgia.
Travis Bentley: I did this instead of going to Spain because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper…and I don’t speak Spanish.
Mike Robles: It’s just a primal thing. We were a species that, you know, evolved with having danger every day in our lives. So now we don’t have that; we sit at desks instead of running from saber-toothed tigers and all.
Brad Schneider: I’m in sales so…I mean sales is not very exciting.
Yeah I’m an accountant.
Brad Schneider: I’m just an idiot that says yes!
Lara Laurich: You know I probably don’t need this adrenaline rush, I’m an..an RN(registered nurse) in the ICU(intensive care unit).
Tom Maxwell:I was kind of like wedged with a bunch of people and then I turn around and go, “Where’s[sic] the bulls?” and they go, “Dude, they’re long gone.” I’m like .
Preston Fowlkes: Two people they hauled ‘em out to the ambulance. People that don’t get run over or hooked or stepped on or whatever it is, They don’t think they got their money’s worth!
Rob Dickens: We could narrow the track. We could add more bulls. We could add more aggressive bulls because the number one complaint was that there wasn’t enough bloodshed. There wasn’t enough danger so we want to give the people what they want and here we are.
Source: nytimes

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