US Open Preview

Welcome to the 2014 US Open. Now if you know what’s going to happen in this US Open, you would be the only one. We have a wide open tournament on both the men’s and women’s side – really should shape up for fascinating competition in both the men’s and women’s draws.
On the women’s side, all eyes will be on Serena Williams as they usually are to see which Serena Williams is going to show up this year and to see if Eugenie Bouchard, the young Canadian who’s made it to the semifinals of all the other Grand Slams this year can finally break through.
On the men’s side, this tournament is definitely more wide open than the rest because one Big Four is not here, defending champion Rafael Nadal had to pull out with a wrist injury. Djokovic playing very, very up and down tennis - not really sure where his motivation is at.It really could open the door for somebody like Milos Raonic who has rocketed up the rankings and really looks like the one to threaten the Big Four.
Who are you most excited to see?
Um, I haven’t seen him yet but Federer.
I want to see Federer.
Roger Federer will have a lot of sentimental support. A lot of fans here in New York remember those five straight victories…really want to see him in the finals. And it seems like the USGA set up a draw so he gets there again.
Of course for a lot of the people [who] come out to the open, tennis is only part of the action . It’s really an event out here . People come out to try out the food. They have celebrity chefs out here. The food is very, very good. It will also cost you a lot of money; maybe the most expensive sporting event to eat at in the entire world.
The US open is the last Grand Slam of the year…is really almost more of a test of will as it is a test of tennis. It’s really a test of stamina, of health, how well you can withstand the pressure of New York playing on these tough, hard courts against a crowd full of players who really want to walk away with that trophy.
Source: nytimes

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