3 Steps of a Cliff Dive - Orlando Duque Colombia 2012

Those three seconds in the air are great. Everything, I mean it is really fast when you think about it -- three seconds is really fast-- but in your head it plays out so much more slowly, you know?

I enjoy every dive that I do—before, during, and after. It makes me, just, it makes me feel alive, excited.

I have a lot of memories at this place. I spent many years there. You know, I don’t think I ever missed a day of practice unless I was sick. I loved to be at that pool.  I really liked my training, but my favorite part was right after training they used to give us 15 or 20 minutes to just play around.

Every single crazy thing we could think of, you know. Jumping, wooden ropes, double bouncing. Anything anything that we could think of, me and my friends, that’s what we would to do. And uh, just good fun. I learned all of that hear in Colombia.

They dive is, you know, the breakdown is in three parts. Take off, positions in the air, and landing—like, water.

The takeoff, you should have a really nice strong takeoff, that’s the same for diving and high diving. The position in the air diving has a really strong technique and the judges look for really, like, very small points, like your hands have to be in a nice and straight position, your elbows, you know, not bent your hands like that, you know. They look for really clean lines, and clean technique as well.

And then the water entry…it should be no splash. The main difference between a 10 meter Olympic dive and a 27 meter cliff dive is, well, besides the height— the speed that we reach is much, much higher.

We are hitting the water at probably close to 90km an hour. And because of that, the impact is much harder. And so that creates much more risks for the diver.

Cliffdiving is the most important thing for me. I enjoy every dive that I do. I’m ready to go.

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