Four Blocks Away

I’ve always been a big basketball fan, and I’ve always wanted season tickets to something. And the fact that a basketball team has moved four blocks from our house is great luck. I’m David Gordon.

I’m Jen Gordon. We are in section 15, row 14, seats 1-4. About 3 years ago, or so, I got on a waiting list. And I was 186th, and uh, the Nets wanted me to get season tickets in New Jersey so I could move up the list.

We love to get here early. It’s really fun to get here early. You get to have food, there’s no lines, you watch the pregame, warming up, there’s a dunk contest. It’s just—it’s fun. I’ve got a pulled pork sandwich at every game.

The pork sandwich is delicious. I also love the Junior’s cupcakes. They are so crunchy I love it during the game the fans spontaneously break out into the Brooklyn chant. It’s really fun, it’s really loud. Brooooklyn, Broooooklyn.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/video

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