120 Seconds with David Pougue – iPhone 5s

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new iPhone 5s. You’ve probably heard that Apple has done it again! Into this slim phone is packed: a wireless key fob, this super cool new night vision mode, and a thermal sensor that tells your mood! Okay, I’m totally lying. I made all of that stuff up but seriously everyone expects the iPhone to be a miracle of innovation every single year. You know what? I think smart phones are at a saturation point.

Still, the 5s is pretty great. The camera does so many tricks if you try out for Cirque de Soleil! Slow-mo, and burst mode, and panoramas, and filters, and two different colored flashes; they go off together – mixed – to match the lighting of your scene. Flash photos look much better.

And there’s a finger print censor built right into the ‘home’ button. It learns up to five fingers, like this, and from then on you unlock it, like this. “Look ma, no password!”

Now, last year’s iPhone 5 has been re-packaged as the iPhone 5c. 100 dollars with contract; the case is now lacquered plastic in a choice of colors. You can also buy these cases to protect the plastic case with more plastic. And then there’s cases for the cases!

Both iPhones run iOS 7, which looks radically different but is packed with great features. Change settings like this, free internet radio just like Pandora, a carpenters level; small enhancements to an already great phone.

I’m not allowed to show you the prototype iPhone 6, but there are rumors about wireless charging, mosquito repelling, and change making!

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/video

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