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David Pogue’s Windows 8.1 Hands-on Review
Dear New Microsoft CEO, last year your company released Windows 8: a very strange juxtaposition of two different operating systems. There was the traditional desktop, and there was this superimposed tile world layer for use on tablets.
Dear CEO, as your minions have no doubt told you, Windows 8 didn’t do so well. Critics hated it. Consumers were baffled by it, and the executive who dreamed it up was fired. Your company has spent the last year trying to fix things up and today it has brought forth Windows 8.1.
Your engineers really fixed up tile world: more full featured apps, there’s online help now, you can split the screen between two apps at any proportions, you could now search your whole computer at once (which you couldn’t with in the original Windows 8).
In the desktop world though, there is only one change. The start button is back! Yes! Does that mean I can click here and get the “start” menu? No! All it does is take you back to tile world…come on guys, really?
Unfortunately, Dear New CEO, the big problems are still there for you to solve. There are still two worlds to learn: desktop world, and tile world. They still run two different kinds of apps, there’s still two help mechanisms, two web browsers, two control panels…
Dear New Microsoft CEO, the solution is staring you in the logo: split them up! Sell tile world for tablets, and the desktop for regular PCs! Until then you can dress up tile world all you like, but you’re still just putting lipstick on a pig.
Oh, and welcome to Microsoft.
Love, Dave.
Source: nytimes

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