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This is Kit Eaton for the New York Times.
Booking flights used to be a serious hassle but thanks to apps like skyscanner it’s really not such an onerous task anymore. To use the app, you simply use its easy-to-use interface to enter your flight details and then it uses these to search for various flight offerings from the services it’s connected to.
You can filter the various flight results it presents you with either by price or by the number of stop-over points and so on or even see more details on a particular flight by tapping on its entry in the search results list.
Once you’ve found that perfectly priced flight to take you away on vacation or get you to a particular venue for your work, you simply click “book” inside the app and in many cases you can then book the flight directly inside the apps interface. It really couldn’t be easier.
And with extras like offering you a visual display of pricing near your chosen dates, this flight booking app really is the best I’ve found. It’s free on both iOS and Android.
If the modern look and feel of skyscanner don’t suit you or it doesn’t turn up deals that you are interested in, you might as well try an app called Kayak
This travel planning app is also free on iOS and Android and Windows phone. And while its interface is very up to date, it has a slightly more traditional look and feel in how it works compared to skyscanner.
Now, I’ve just got back from a short weekend break and I used some apps to help me plan it, including the Tripit app which is available, free, on iOS and Android. Unlike the flight booking apps I’ve mentioned, Tripit doesn’t do anything in terms of organizing your flight, but what it does do is store all the various details of your trip in one location with flight details, gate details, and other information like your hotel details and so on.
It’s particularly useful for all those awkward moments in an airport, and we all have them, when you desperately need to remember an important detail in your trip. And though the interface is quite mandrolic, meaning you have to enter a lot of information yourself, you’ll certainly find this app useful.
And that’s it for this week. Happy travels!

Source: nytimes

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