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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn; wouldn’t lives just be so much less complicated if you just quit social media all together? Now a lot of people are doing just that I feel like it’s a little extreme. Maybe what you really need to do is just edit. Here’s how to take control of your Twitter and Facebook feeds, both past and future.
There are a couple of apps that will let you clean up your twitter feed or just delete everything that you’ve posted and start fresh with the same username.
Tweet Delete is a website that lets you delete any tweet over a certain age old or get rid of everything. And there’s a new app called Xpire that will let you search for tweets by keyword so you can get rid of specific ones in your timeline. You can delete everything and for future tweets you can set them to expire after a certain period of time so 5 minutes or a month or a year. And with both services, once those tweets are gone, they’re gone.
If you are worried about what you might have tweeted in the past, you can download your archive and read through it for yourself. In the twitter settings there’s a link to request your twitter archive. After a little while twitter will send you a link to download the entire opus. Maybe you can turn it into a book.
And then if you decide you want to leave twitter there’s a link in the settings to deactivate your account. Now this won’t take effect for thirty days so you do have a little time to change your mind and that can also work if you just need a little break.
Facebook takes a little more work but you definitely can clean up your history there too. Under the privacy settings the Use Activity Log is the key to know about. Here you can untag yourself from pictures with your ex or anybody else and you can even get rid of your comments and likes. It can take a long time because you have to do it one by one but it can be done.
You can also limit who can see your old posts. So, for example, if you have a lot of public posts you can actually go back and set those to friends only. Facebook also, thankfully, lets you download everything that you’ve posted to your account. In settings, under general, there’s a link to download your Facebook information and that includes your pictures, your posts, your videos, your messages, and everything else that you have ever done on Facebook. Once you see all that information you might actually want to quit. And quitting is harder than you might think.
Deactivating is easy. There’s a link to that right there in the settings. And your profile will go away along with any photos and links to your name but people can still tag you and still link to you. If you actually want to quit all the way, you have to search for a super-secret link to delete your Facebook account. But once you find that, Facebook says everything will be gone for good within about 90 days.
Leaving social media is a pretty radical step in today’s connected world. So you might want to try getting it under control before you go nuclear and miss all that good Facebook gossip. You could always quit any time you want.
Source: nytimes

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