A Real Hoverboard?

Skaters have always wanted to get some air but the ultimate air, a hoverboard like the one in Back To The Future II has never been made.
The hoverboard he had on that movie was pretty cool, pretty - dope.
Well, actually, I have dreams where I’m hover-boarding.
Those dreams may finally be coming true. This is the Hendo Hover.
I mean, we have a hoverboard. We have a hoverboard.
Hendo is the vision of Greg ‘Hendo’ Henderson. He’s an architect whose interest in hovering comes from an idea to protect buildings, not create skate parks.
What if you could hover a building out of an earthquake? And that was the genesis for the Hendo Hoverboard.
The Hendo Hoverboard and Hendo hover engines work a lot like maglev trains but they’re a whole lot more efficient and much more affordable. We don’t need a track anymore. All we need is this: a conductive non-ferromagnetic surface.
Many have tried to make the hoverboard a reality. Some have used magnetic tracks and nitrogen cooled superconductors. Others, a lot of duct tape and a leaf blower.
Early this year, it looked like skater’s dreams had come true when Christopher Lloyd presented Tony Hawk with a functioning hoverboard. I can’t believe how well it works.
Until it was revealed that it was a hoax by the comedy website Funny or Die.
I want to apologize for the hoverboard prank. Um, I thought it would be obvious that it was fake but a lot of people believed it.
I got a chance to try out the Hendo. It’s not exactly like Marty McFly’s hoverboard. For now, it only works on special surfaces and the battery life is only a few minutes long and it’s tough to ride.
So no, I do not feel like Marty McFly but, I mean, you can definitely tell you’re floating. That’s for sure. You can kind of feel that something is lifting you.
So, will we soon all be able to ride hoverboards at the mall? Maybe, says the Hendersons. Their goal is to crowd fund a better prototype and to sell developers what they call a White Box with a hover engine inside.
We’re not going overhead because we can’t go over water or typical sidewalks yet. This is the Model T. This is just a stepping-stone and it’s a necessary step to the next level if you want a real hoverboard.

Source: nytimes

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