Deeper Unplugged
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We’re here in Alaska and for the first time in my 15 years to come to Alaska I am not here on a heli-trip. The plan is to go past the heli boundaries, find some new, seek terrain to ride, land the plane at the base of it, set up camp and call it home for a couple weeks.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: There’s definitely a couple, you know, options in there for sure.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: So that’s our plan. I don’t know if it’s going to work. Now, uh, the weather’s horrible right now. We’re trying to get out there, um, trying to find an area that we feel is going to work.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Yeah, it’s snowing!
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You know, I got Travis Rice, John Mammore, Johan Olofsson, Tom Burt with me and I’ve sold them on the idea and hopefully it works out.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We got an awesome pilot here, Drake, uh he’s been flying in these mountains for a long time. I’ve been talking to Drake for years. I’d known him for a while, telling him my vision.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: My goal is to get past the heli-boundaries and I thought that it would be kind of just past them but, um, of course I get in the plane and the next thing I know I’m pointing to the furthest peak out that we can see and now we’re fifty miles from town and way deeper that I ever thought we’d be.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Tom is going out there, to nowhere.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Tom Burt just went out in the first load of gear. He’s by himself. He’s got a bunch of food and he’s got a tent and what-have-you but, um, the bottom line is our round-trip is about two hours per lap and the weather’s moving so fast here that, you know, we don’t know if Tom, you know…we said our goodbyes to Tom and who knows, hopefully we’re going to see him today.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Sleeping bags… two and three.
AN UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You know I wanted to get back to first descents and new lines and really just spend more time in the mountains. You know, I don’t want to go home at the end of the day.
Source: nytimes

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