Travel Steampunk
Some days ago a group of three score cruise ship passengers undertook an ocean-going journey down the Atlantic Coast and deep into the sunny reaches of the Caribbean Sea. They were mermaids and mad scientists, a Turkmen princess, Victorian gentlemen in spats and kilts and laced ladies with their parasols and petticoats. This was no ordinary voyage; it was instead the second annual, official, Steampunk Cruise.
Steampunk is a retro-futuristic genre…ahem a, uh, retro-futuristic genre that merges Victorian fashion with science fiction.Think H.G. Wells with an iPhone flair.
The 62 steampunks were on land, ordinary people: opticians, appliance repairmen, environmental consultants – but together, out at sea, they put on their old-time alter egos.
The steampunks were only a small part of a larger manifest of more than 3,000 other passengers – some of whom were a bit surprised to see them. They spent one of their first nights on the ship parading in their finery, for their fellow cruisers who seemed to think they were part of the ship’s paid entertainment.
Over the course of seven days they enjoyed the usual luxuries of the leisure class: drinking, dining, soaking in the hot tub, strolling on deck in their monocles and top hats…even a bit of shuffle-board. And by day they went ashore on trips to a botanical garden in The Bahamas and, memorably, the NASA facility at the Kennedy Space Center.
By the time the journey ended, they had given up their attachments to the past and dressed in their civilian clothes left the ship, becoming almost indistinguishable from the disembarking crowds. Until, perhaps, … next year.
Source: nytimes

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