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Racing Canoes in the Hudson river

For me it’s like no other sport.
Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
It’s really physically challenging…
When the boat’s really moving quickly it feels effortless.
There’s no better way to see New York City.
New York Outrigger is a paddling club that races using traditional Pacific Island canoes
Each year it hosts the Liberty Challenge, a 12-mile race in the Hudson river.
This race has just kind of grown exponentially. This year we have over 300 paddlers coming from seven different countries.
You enter into this sport knowing that many people have done this before you.
They were used to move from island to island in the Pacific because they were stable.
We all somewhat have a tie to the Pacific, which is nice, so that we have that common bond.
For going into race day I kind of want to feel relaxed because I get very stressed before I start a race.
You know, obviously I want to win today. You know, I always race wanting to win. I also know that we’re a really new team. We haven’t paddled together very much.
The New York Waterways are just a different kind of monster. You are dealing with winds. You’re dealing with currents. You’re dealing with ferries and tankers.
It’s important to paddle as a team because if you don’t paddle as a team, you’re paddling your own canoe and the boat will stop. The boat won’t move.
When we’re in the zone and we have the timing right, it’s one of the best feelings. You just move with the boat, everything feels good…you don’t feel tired.
The New York Outrigger team came in third place.
New York is an insane place to live and to work. You’re going from place to place and people are running you over and seriously it just feels like you’re trying to keep up. Paddling is a way to kind of escape all that.

Source: nytimes

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