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Bastille Day

Bastille Day at Eastern State Penitentiary started in 1995 and was the idea of the local restaurants. And they all said, “It’s the middle of summer, our business is dead, we’re all staring at this prison…let’s have a Bastille Day celebration.”
This is a big community event and so it’s…it’s about bringing that kind of French Revolutionary fire to, uh, Philadelphia in a really fun way.
We take a lot of French Revolutionary characters and a lot of American Revolutionary characters and we throw them all in a bunch and they sing classic rock and contemporary pop.
The entire script is re-written for Philadelphia. Everything, from the references to cheese steaks, making fun of our eternally losing sports teams, uh, Marie Antoinette says “Let them eat Tastykake!” and throws Philadelphia brand, and so we throw Tastykake over the top.
Let them eat Tastykake!
I absolutely love the kids. I love all the families and the kids that come. I absolutely love that…um, and that they call for my head. That is…you know…it’s like a cartoon.
…maybe a big blow up doll with Tastykakes all over it! !
You kill our bread, we kill your cake…put the blow up doll in the guillotine. Un, deux, troix, cake
You know, it’s violence and it’s love and singing and dancing. I just love the whole thing and I love when it’s over and I get to go and drink more champagne.

Source: nytimes

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