Win a Trip 2014

Hey folks, do you want to win an all-expense paid vacation? Enjoy de luxe accommodation? Luxury spas and hair salons? A warm welcome from hospitable local people? Indulge in regional delicacies – strictly organic?
I think if they want to market it, they should probably take the ants out first.
A chance to engage in traditional sports? Okay, okay it won’t be pina coladas and infinity pools. This trip isn’t about tourism, but journalism.
And there’s a brothel right there, right? Yeah.
For the next trip, I’m choosing a university student to travel with me to the developing world. The winner will be an undergraduate or a graduate student at an American university. That winner will blog with me on the New York Times website and also be featured in videos about our trip.
With past winners, we encountered gorillas and elephants in the Central African Republic. We had dinner with a warlord in Congo. We visited a village that had been devastated by River Blindness in Niger. We came across swimming hippos and small antelope that fuel Gabon’s tourism industry. And we looked at factory production and agricultural innovations as a way to fight poverty in Lesotho and Malawi.
I invite you to apply to join me, so that together we can bring back some of these stories that are so often neglected.

Source: nytimes

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