Tornado Wedding Dress

John Trapp is checking on his brand new calf. It’s sheltered in the barn as rain falls outdoors. John: I just happened to notice something right out in the middle of the hay field.

Sheltered in his garage is this: a wedding dress. He was checking his fence line for damage a few days after the March 2nd tornado when he picked up what he first thought was a curtain lying a field. Then his son saw it.

John:  I come up to the house for a minute, go back in for a minute. Got my son out the barn, he’s holding the dress up, still on the hanger and asking me “what’s this, where’d this come from?” That’s when I realized it was a wedding dress and told him I just picked it up out of the hay field.

John had seen Katrina Payne talking about saving memories blown away by the tornados. So he contacted her and she posted a picture of the dress.

Katrina: It’s unusual that it was found the way it was, still on the hanger in the field. So I think it would be great to reunite that with the lady it belongs to.

So far no one as staked claim to the wedding dress that does need cleaning but John says it must have sentimental value.

John: It come out of somebody’s house, which means that their house is no longer standing. Maybe that’ll bring a little joy to somebody to get something like that back.

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